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As a therapist, I invite you to share your personal story with me, because the simple act of being heard can be transformative. I promise to hold your story with respectful reverence during our confidential relationship. And, in return for the honor of being entrusted as your Storyholder, I will offer you my whole self as a partner in your process. I specialize in all the following areas and welcome the chance to connect with you soon:   


If your primary concerns are related to sex, I am one of only a handful of AASECT Certified Sex Therapists in the State. I am a sex positive therapist, so any act of consensual sex that brings pleasure is not judged or pathologized in my practice.


If you or your partner experience lack of desire or intimacy, medical sexual problems, erectile dysfunction, vaginismus, LGBTQIA couples issues, sexual pain, anorgasmia, non-binary or gender fluid identity, discomfort with masterbation, sexual fears, PTSD, issues in the lifestyle, compulsive sexual behavior, overuse of porn, sexual trauma, incest, or infidelity,
I specialize in these areas. I will work to manage or extinguish any problematic symptoms and improve the relationship you have with your body, sexuality, and intimate connection to self & other.


I offer both couples and individual sessions, depending on the presenting issue. Your level of commitment to this process is directly correlated with the speed at which you experience relief or possible resolution of the problem. 

While you may be asked to complete exercises in the privacy of your home and report on progress in sessions, there is no nudity involved in office sessions, nor will you be asked to physically demonstrate any sexual practices in front of your therapist. 

Due to the nature of my clientele, I do not treat Sex Offenders.


If you are 16 years or older and need some intentional space to develop your self,  I am happy to offer you individual therapy sessions. I can effectively help women and men work through major life changes, sexual health and wholeness, vocational development, relationship issues, mood/anxiety problems, past conflict/trauma, poor communication, low self esteem, acute stress, and challenging life patterns.


If you want to root your new relationship in healthy strategies, enrich your long term relationship with positive energy or work as a couple to rid a rocky relationship of  conflict and pain, I will be able to meet your needs. Most sessions will include both of you, in order to experience your dynamics in real time and to facilitate the move from stuck to flowing and growing together. I am also certified to offer Prepare & Enrich, a short, evidence-based program that can be used to assess and educate any couple about strengths, growth areas, and relationship satisfaction. This is a particularly good program for couples seeking premarital counseling, and is offered at a packaged price.

The exceptions to meeting as a couple are: 1) the conflict is too volatile or abusive, 2) it is assessed there are individual issues that must be addressed prior to starting couples work. 


No one likes thinking about divorce. However, it is a statistical reality that more than 50% of relationships end this way. If you are evaluating this heavy decision, or have decided divorce is imminent, I will provide the guidance and care you need to truly DIVORCE WELL. It can be done. I have succeeded in helping many couples work through grief, make meaning of the marriage, and remain respectful even after the marriage is dissolved. This is especially important work when children are involved in the family system, with a focus on the need to let go and move forward without resentment. 

Please note:  I do not provide child custody evaluations but can refer clinicians who specialize in this area, or trusted mediators and lawyers who can offer legal advice about Kentuckiana law. 

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