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Like any therapist, my approach and style is unique and varied. I do subscribe to several methodologies I have learned over the course of 13 years in practice to be the most effective and evidence based. They include: Cognitive Behavioral, Emotionally Focused, Family Systems, Narrative, EMDR, Relational and Sex Therapies.


Essentially, I believe in the power of honest, connected, emotionally intelligent communication to free you from stories and experiences that have kept you stuck, or arrested in development. Let's face it, at some point in our lives, we can all buy into false scripts handed to us in early development; learn defensive dances to protect; insulate against vulnerability; recycle old patterns; struggle to resolve conflict; self-medicate to escape; hold onto resentment; and get lost in our own shame or irrational beliefs. These are our bad habits and the pitfalls of our despair.


But, over the years, I have come to understand that none of these things are irreversible 'personality' flaws. In fact, they are just poor coping skills we commonly use when we don't have the right tools to make better, longer lasting changes.


In therapy, I will help you begin trusting your inner resources and building up your toolbox to include compassion, empathy, trust, mindfulness, healthy boundaries, and a rooted sense of self.  These are the tools that become necessary to rescript and re-member our lives. And these are exactly the things I will focus on guiding you to acquire, practice, and implement in everyday life. I am skilled at:

• Seeing the big picture

• Contextualizing the problem

• Unpacking what keeps you feeling stuck

• Walking with you as you shed old skin

• Challenging new growth with valid and reliable methods

• Empowering you to be your best self  

If  you are ready to get started on this important journey. Please, let me help you move toward your goals of health, wellness, and positive change.
SINCE 1999
Relationships • Mood • Loss • Stress • Self -Esteem • EMDR Trauma • Sexuality • Desire Discrepancy • Sexual Pain •  
Sexual Healing • Couples • Sexual Disorders • Issues in the Lifestyle • Conflict • Conflict Avoidance • Communication • Depression • Anxiety • Compulsive Behaviors • Major Life Transitions • OCD • Mood Disorders • Sex & Religion • Pre-Marital Counseling • Life Coaching • Marital Conflict • Divorce • Low Desire • Health & Wellness •  Erectile Dysfunction • Libido • Vaginsmus • PTSD • Rape • Polyamory • LGBTQ • Sex & Aging • Menopause • Infertility • Kink • Solo Sexuality • 
• Professional Consultation•
EMDR Trained Therapist, EMDR Consultants ('17)
Certified Sex Therapist, AASECT ('15)
MA, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary ('03) 
BA, College of Wooster ('97) 
License # and state
105071 Kentucky
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