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What are your rates:

Initial consult and evaluation (55-minutes) : $185 

45-minute session: $165

60-minute session: $190
75-minute session: $220

90-minute session: $250

Urgent/Acute Crisis session: $200

Professional consult: $185

Fees must be paid on the date of service. Insurance is not accepted. 

If longer sessions occur, the fee will be prorated to $25 for each additional 10 minutes. Additional services will also be prorated at this fee. Such additional services may include but are not limited to, the preparation of reports, correspondence, travel time, and phone calls lasting over 10 minutes. Payment by cash or check is preferred. (Effective 7/2019).

What are your hours? (Online Telehealth only)​​

Monday and Tuesday: 10:00 am - 5:30 pm  

Thursday: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm  
You are now able to self-schedule through my Simple Practice Portal once established as a client. All sessions require 24 hours cancellation notice. 
You must have access to a computer with a camera, WIFI, and confidential space in order to participate in these sessions. No in-office sessions are offered

Do you accept insurance? 

NO. I am an Out of Network provider and do not bill insurance. If you have out-of-network benefits, you can submit super-bills for direct reimbursement to YOU. Please be aware that submitting an invoice or claim for insurance carries a certain amount of risk, and I cannot control how your information is used once submitted. 

If I have to cancel an appointment, what should I do?

24 hours notice is required for rescheduling or canceling an appointment.
A $95 fee will be charged for the first session missed without such notice. The full session fee will be charged for all subsequent late cancellations or missed appointments. Repeated cancellations or no-shows (more than two) without sufficient notice may result in the termination of therapy.  

What should I do in case of an emergency?

I do not provide emergency crisis services. If you are in imminent danger, wish to harm your self or plan to harm someone else, please do not waste time calling the office!  Use all available resources including calling 911, the 24-hour National Crisis Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK,  or going to your nearest hospital emergency room. If you are unable to drive, call an ambulance immediately.

Is what I say in the session confidential?

Trust is the foundation of a good therapeutic relationship. I strive to provide a safe atmosphere where you can honestly explore very personal issues. All information disclosed within sessions and the written records pertaining to those sessions are confidential and may not be revealed to anyone without your written permission, except where disclosure is required by law (see "Intake Form"  and "HIPAA form" for more specifics).

Can you prescribe medication?

No. I have a Master's Degree, but not a medical degree. I am a strong advocate of coordinating care with your prescribing provider/psychiatrist.

How long do I need therapy?

The most common reason for ending therapy is that a client’s concerns have been addressed but specific time frames vary, based on the presenting problem. However, you are free to end therapy at any time. In addition, if it becomes apparent to me that your challenges lie beyond my expertise or ability, I will discuss this with you, offer you appropriate referrals, and end treatment.

Can I text or email you?
Because I am bound by HIPAA laws and it is not possible to guarantee the confidentiality of email, text, and other electronic transmissions, I encourage clients to call me directly. I do offer end-to-end ENCRYPTED email for correspondence between sessions via I will read all emails but may not respond until your next session. When absolutely necessary, email or texts should only be used for brief, administrative needs ("on my way", "what time is appointment"). More information about digital security, encrypted communications, and informed consent regarding these matters will be discussed in an early session.

I am in divorce/custody litigation. Can you make a recommendation to the court?
I cannot. By signing the disclosure statement in the "Intake Form", you agree to not subpoena me to court for testimony or for disclosure of treatment information in such litigation (or for any other purpose). The court can appoint professionals, who have no prior relationship with family members, to conduct an investigation or evaluation and to make recommendations in the best interest of your children.

Getting started 


I am now using SIMPLE PRACTICE for all documentation and self scheduling for client appointments! Please email me to set up your first appointment & client profile. 

Before we get started with your 1st session, you will receive an email with your unique Log in and Password for my Client Portal. Simply fill out the featured forms at your convenience. The information will be sent to me through a secure Cloud Based Service as soon it is completed & we will be ready for your first session.


If you wish to schedule an EVALUATION, need your portal link resent, or password reset,

 please email

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