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In light of the recent concerns about COVID-19, instruction from the federal WHO, state government, and local agencies regarding public safety, I am writing to offer alternatives and set expectations about attending therapy.


Expanded hours and Telemental health online/phone sessions:

I realize many of you may have to manage working remotely with schools/daycare facilities closing until April. In an effort to meet your needs, keep illness cancellations to a minimum, and offer alternative ways to attend therapy, I am:


1) Expanding available hours to include Wednesdays 

2) Offering the option to transfer ANY “in office” appointment to an online or phone session at the same scheduled time as initial appointment.


There are a few additional considerations to manage in order to smoothly transition to Telemental health appointments, but they only take 10-15 minutes to set up over the phone.


Please consider this VIABLE OPTION for therapy during March/April.


I am available for in office OR Telemental health every week:

12-7pm Mondays

12-6pm Tuesdays

11:30am-6pm Thursdays

12-4pm Wednesdays **NEW ONLINE/PHONE ONLY HOURS**


Cleaning: Our cleaning crew has adopted new cleaning protocols for the public facilities in the building, as well as additional disinfectant protocols for daily office maintenance. I remain diligent about wiping down all work surfaces, shared equipment, and office space between clients to ensure germs are not spread inadvertently. And I offer all payments electronically through portal credit cards, to keep contact to a minimum.


Cancellation: I understand there may be occasion where you need to cancel or reschedule due to illness. I want to assure you NO FEES will be incurred in this case. If you or anyone in your household are suffering any symptoms OR have been diagnosed with flu, strep, coronavirus, or respiratory illness, PLEASE STAY HOME. If believe you have recently been exposed to someone with those illnesses, please follow public health safety protocols! I realize allergies are always at large in our area, so please use your best judgment about allergy symptoms if you plan to attend in-office sessions.  If you wish to be seen remotely or need to cancel, please update the online client portal ASAP or text my cell: 502-417-9021. Be sure to include your name.


If you have any questions or concerns, please email: MStillwagon@pm.me or call: 502-721-0321.

Keep breathing as this too shall pass. I look forward to our continued work!