Group Therapy


Women Helping Women (WHW)


This therapeutic support group supports women age 25-65 who are in the midst of transition (be it personal, career, relational, role, health, sexual, stage of life, stress management, etc). WHW offers solution-focused guidance with healing, supportive energy, expert therapeutic group intervention, and honest discussion in a sacred space. Group is held in my Louisville office in St.Matthews. 


For more information please call 502-721-0321.


AASECT Supervision Group 

This group is for Licensed MH Professionals who are seeking AASECT Certification as either Sex Therapists or Sex Educators. A contract must be in place with AASECT for Supervision before you may join this group. SESSIONS will be held each month via Zoom or other HIPPA compliant online meeting site. Call to reserve your space-limited to 4 professionals per meeting (2 HR). 


Couples Extended Therapy Sessions 

Sexual Healing Through Intimacy (2 hour sessions) Private pay only. By appointment only. 



Coming Soon

OPTIMAL SEX FOR COUPLES: Workshop for Adults. (TBD)

(Note: Please Contact me directly if you wish to book a speaking workshop or have a particular need in your community to address at or 502-721-0321).